This story was submitted to IFComp 2018 as a  very meta take on a game from the 2016 IFComp by another author. As such, it's very "inside baseball" with a limited target audience, so I wasn't surprised that it placed 26th in the competition. That not withstanding, I think it's my most innovative game from the standpoint of technology.

The game is written in Inform 7 plus Vorple extensions, which gave me fine control over the function and appearance of the game as a web application. My previous games were meant to be played in an interpreter, but fortuitously also work on the web, whereas this one was written expressly to be played online. 

But where is the parser? It is still there, behind the scenes, but I wanted the game to be playable on mobile devices as well, so there is no typing, just clicking of buttons.  


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It's a good joke taken just far enough.