I wrote this out of frustration. The Pokémon mobile game had come out not long before, and the rollout in the US was really poorly managed by Niantic -- poor communication, server crashes, you name it. Just when they were getting it semi-functional, I moved overseas for a few years. 

One evening in Nairobi, I woke up and wrote down the outline for this game. That decision and the general shape of the game probably reflect the medication I was on for malaria prophylaxis at the time.

Anyhow, this was again written as a collaboration with Ben Collins-Sussman, who I think humored me with this project. Since we anticipated finishing writing in the late summer, I put into into IFComp 2016, where it placed 6th out of 58 entries.

Note that the game has two parts: the first is a parody of the Pokémon game rollout and is of limited duration; the second part is more of a story. I hope you think it's worth sticking out the initial exploration part to make it to the meat of the story.

Walkthrough (pdf)

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