A zombie, a bunny and a sessile polyp. I mean, seriously, what's not to love?

This was my first IF project, written as I worked my way through the Inform Designer Manual. As such, it suffers from a lot of new author issues including poor clueing, guess-the-verb and so on. Don't be bashful about consulting the walkthrough.

Still, I'm pretty happy with it. It is the only work that I have written in Inform 6, which I felt I needed to learn before jumping into Inform 7. That's not the case at all, but since Inform 7 is based on Inform 6, I do think it gave me a better understanding of the lower level underpinnings of Inform 7. Also, since the syntax of Inform 6 is closer to a typical programming language, I played around a bit more in this language with procedural tricks than I did in most later stories.

Although this was written for IntroComp 2008, I found that once I started writing, I could not stop, so it is a full story. Regarding the garish colors: I aware that they are not easy on the eyes, but the colors are intentional. 


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