Yes, this is, shamefully, fan fiction, but within a very specific context.

This was written in response to the "V'ger Please" podcast's review of the Star Trek Voyager episode "Worst Case Scenario", which comes towards the end of season 3. This game probably only makes sense in that context, and is heavily informed by preceding episodes of the podcast. 

So, before playing, you'll want to go back and watch the first two seasons of Voyager and listen to the podcast up to that point. Kind of a tall order to play a game, isn't it? 

Anyhow, the podcast may not be for everyone. It's luxuriously curmudgeonly and also somewhat R-rated, as is this game.  

If you do press on, though, more power to you. I wrote this from the perspective of Harry Kim, who never gets a chance in the TV episode to try out the holonovel. Finally, some twenty-plus years later, I have at least set that right.

Also for the suits at CBS, Paramount, and any other litigious bottom-feeders that may smell a meal: this is a short, transformative work of fiction and parody, and is not meant to infringe on anyone's IP. If I am forced to take it down, I'll whine and curse your families for eight generations.

Platform Note: If you want to force the game to start over, force-reload this page (ctrl-R on a PC, command-R on a Mac).


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Apologies if commenting on your own work is poor etiquette, but a friend pointed out a play-through video that, for me at least, is at least as entertaining as the game itself (and has better graphics to boot). I'd still suggest that folks initially give the game a play, but if you get tired of clicking and would rather watch, this video gets through a sizable chunk of the game:

Sorry about the occasional typo -- this was a one off and written quickly without the usual beta-testing. I have made minor edits to fix some spelling issues in this online version.